Peripheral Vascular Disease

Peripheral Vascular Disease
Authors: Alvaro Alonso, Daniel D. McManus, Daniel Z. Fisher

200 pages; Published by: Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers in, 2010

Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) impacts a lot more than 30 million people around the world, quite often those over age 65. In spite of this, PVD remains a condition that many doctors are not really acquainted. This book on peripheral vascular disease should help doctors of different backgrounds and education use resources thoroughly to benefit individual people. The editors present you with a brief description of pertinent vascular anatomy and pathophysiology, a structured review of diagnostic modalities employed in testing for PVD, and contemporary medical as well as interventional treatments used for PVD. Good use of bullet points, condensed tables, high-quality figures, and also diagrams facilitate easy perception of a complex and serious disorder.

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