Psoriasis: Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment

Edited by: Julian A. Carrasco; 2012; 253 pages

This dermatology book covers all the current research and thought in the causes, diagnosis and treatment of psoriasis. The areas discussed include, but are not limited to furocoumarins that are used in radiation therapy to treat psoriasis; comorbidities present inĀ  psoriasis and the risk factors for complications such as cardiovascular disease; the drug management of psoriasis; nitric oxide syntases and its physiological functions in healthy and diseased skin and the vegetarian diet and its link to psoriasis.

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Table of Contents

Preface; Molecular Basis of the Phototherapy of Furocoumarins: A Theoretical Study; Psoriasis: Causes, Treatments & Pathological Models; Psoriasis: Clinical Features, Diagnosis & Treatment Srategies; Proteinase Regulators of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Trafficking & Function in Psoriasis; Psoriasis Comorbidities & the Incidence of Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease Events in Psoriasis; Role of Nitric Oxide Synthesis in Psoriasis; Pathogenesis of Psoriasis: An Update; Psoriasis & Vegetarian Diets: A Role for Cortisol & Potassium?; Comorbidities in Psoriasis; Novel Platform Therapies for Topical Application in Effective Management of Psoriasis; Psoriasis & Cardiovascular Disease; Lymphocyte Migration into Skin; TNF Blockers in the Treatment of Psoriasis; Psoriasis: Molecular Etiology & Genetic Linkage; Index.

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