The Complete Reflexology Tutor – Everything You Need to Achieve Professional Expertise

The Complete Reflexology Tutor
Everything You Need to Achieve Professional Expertise
By Ann Gillanders

This book is an all-encompassing guide to a reflexology practice. The author is a world-renowned reflexologist. The book is endorsed by the Association of Reflexologists

256 pages | Paperback | November 2007

List of Contents

The Origins of Reflexology: The history and theory, The concept of holistic medicine, Who can it help? Clinical evidence. How does Reflexology Work?: Reflexology and energy, The zones of the feet, Mapping the foot. Providing Reflexology: Clinical observation, diagnosis and recomending treatments, Assessing the foot, Preparation of the client and yourself, Support postures, Reactions to expect during treatment, Aftercare advice, Guidelines to good practice, Foot relaxation routine. Body Systems: An in-depth review of the anatomy and physiology of each of the body systems, with step-by-step instructions on how to work their associated reflex points. Hand Reflexology: The theory of hand treatment and how it works, Anatomy of the hand, The zones of the hand, Mapping the hand, Observation and diagnosis, Preparation before giving a treatment, Hand reflexology routine. Reflexology for Common Ailments: Understanding the immune system, Reference guide to reliving over 70 specific conditions. Specialised Reflexology, The Reflexology Practice: Setting up a practice, Ethics and professionalism, First aid, Complementary therapies that may assist reflexology.

About the Author

Ann Gillanders is a world-renowned reflexologist and author of best-selling reflexology books. She is principal of the British School of Reflexology and editor of Healing Points magazine. Ann has been treating patients for over 30 years and training therapists around the world since 1980. Location: Chelmsford, Essex.

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